Silk Pillows


Our high-quality mulberry silk pillows will ensure maximum comfort giving you restful sleep. Made from long fibre mulberry silk and encased in a 100% cotton sateen cover which enhances the softness and comfort. Beautifully finished with piped edges they come in 2 sizes.  Medium 950g fill & Large 1250g fill.



The natural luxury of Silkroom pillows will give you many years of restful nights. Our pillows are filled with 70% of the finest long fibre mulberry silk, with a 30% inner support core, then covered with 100% cotton sateen case.  Silk offers natural breathability which will not make you sweat, and the inner core gives the ultimate comfort and support needed to ensure a restful nights sleep. The combination of using a silk pillow with a silk pillowcase is an excellent way to keep wrinkles away and your hair looking lovely for longer.

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950gsm, 1250gsm


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