Silk Pillowcase – Black


Pure Silk  – Pure Luxury. Spoil yourself with a gorgeous silk pillowcase. Exquisite design – standard pillowcase has a double-header and tied with a satin bow.
Oxford and Euro have a 6cm flanged edge. Silk is one of the best cost-effective anti-aging products you can have with the added bonus of being a luxurious pillowcase that will last you years. Because of the smooth soft texture of silk, it is the best way to keep fine lines and tangled hair at bay while you sleep.

Comes in 4 different styles.           Free Shipping



Silk does not take moisture out of the skin, unlike cotton and other fibres.  This makes it kind to the skin and antiaging properties. It is a protein and has the same amino acids and albumen as human skin. Plus there are no chemicals used in processing silk, making it the perfect material against your skin. It’s beautifully soft, smooth and fine while being durable and easy-care.  Silk resists dust mites so it’s perfect for allergy sufferers.   What better way to treat yourself.
Each pillowcase is made from luxurious 19 momme charmeuse silk.

Special features & benefits

  • 19 momme mulberry silk charmeuse
  • Envelope style with double header (2 x fronts)
  • Gentle on the skin, reduces fine lines
  • Perfect for hair, reducing tangles
  • Anti- aging properties with 18 amino acids similar to our skin
  • Easy care and machine washable, dries quickly

Additional information


Plain, Standard, Oxford, Euro


Soft White, Black


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