Winter 2019 Decor Design Style

Décor Trends and Colours for Winter 2019?

Winter 2019 is fast approaching and it’s time to think about how to make your home rich and cozy for the cooler season. And once again we are spoilt for choice, with a beautiful array of rich colours and hues to choose from.

Following on from winter 2018 where the introduction of rich colour palette, the colours of mulled wine spring to mind. For the darker colours, rich reds such as wine, burgundy, and grape through to this year’s inclusion of a deep brick red. Blue is once again on the list with mid muddy blue, smoke and in.  Forest and leaf green, and for the paler colours there’s soft peach, dove grey, and vanilla.  So no matter what your colour scheme, whether you are starting from scratch or just wanting to add a cushion or two, with this range of colours it will be easy to find something in the mix.

Why use colour in Our Décor?

Because colour is in our lives from birth, we sometimes don’t really think about the impact it may or may not have on us. Imagine if, when we walk into our home, everything was black white and grey. Our garden too. Black and white. Hmmm not warming, it’s great to be home kinda feeling. Colour can influence our moods, so when thinking about what color to put where think about the main use of the area.

Cost-saving ways to swap summer/winter décor.

We don’t want to be changing our paint colour every season, it’s too expensive and it’s also very disruptive. Some of the best ways to add this seasons colours, is simply changing a cushion or two. Using throw rugs is another easy way to add a bit of colour and texture to your décor. Throw rugs come in an array of colours and are multi-purpose. Some can make a great table cloth, a single bed cover or coverlet and of a throw to use on the couch when you’re feeling a little chill.

Tassel and Pom Pom Trend

throw, cotton throw, throw rug, 100% cotton, blanketTassels and pom poms are still trending this year and the best way to use these is ‘sparingly’.
Both tassels and pom poms look great on 4 corners of cushion covers, around the edge of a throw rug.
The Turkish towel which has the hand knotted tassels at both ends look gorgeous, and a pom pom or two
on an earring, scarf or handbag. Just make sure you choose the rich fuller tassel rather than the skimpy synthetic ones. It makes all the difference.

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