Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask


Luxurious comfort, our silk sleep masks are made from the finest 100% mulberry silk, both inside and out. Silk is soft and gentle on your skin and eyes and is breathable and light for superior comfort.
Colours: Ivory White or Black



Our silk masks are made exclusively for us giving them a more comfortable fit.

  1. Made from 100% high-grade 19 momme Mulberry Silk, both inside and out.
  2. No chemicals used in manufacturing.
  3. Breathable
  4. Naturally Hypoallergenic
  5. Silk has the same amino acids as human skin. This makes it gentle on your eyes and skin.
  6. Made with a silk-covered elastic band for a more comfortable fit.
  7. COLOURS: Soft White or Black


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Ivory-White, Black


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